• West Africans Begin Their Second Campaign In Arakan, Burma [Image by Imperial War Museums]

    Our New Website

    You are wholeheartedly welcome to the West Africa Apology website.

    The website is part of the campaign calling upon British government to openly apologise for the shameful practice of forced conscription in the former British colonies in West Africa during World War Two, and also to posthumously recognise the role of the gallant West African soldiers in the campaign of the British Fourteenth Army that ended the Japanese occupation of Burma in 1945.

    The site aims at providing background information to the matter.

    Among the material displayed are:

    *A video statement by an elderly member of the extended family of Kwadwo Tweneboah, conscripted against his will to fight in Burma, returning home from the conflict suffering mental health problems related to his exposure to the trauma of war, and then left alone to cope with the aftermath with no one around to provide medical help.

    *The colonial film “West Africa was There”, displayed with the permission of the Imperial War Musuems showing West African soldiers in action in the Kaladan Valley in Burma . Among other things , they had to clear the jungle with help of their machetes to set up their headquarters and help drive the Japanese enemies from their jungle hideouts.

    * Several original pictures of some the soldiers involved.

    Before you leave the site, we would be grateful if you would click on the link to the British government petition website to sign the petition. UK citizens as well as other nationals resident in the UK are eligible to sign.

    We aim at attaining a minimum of 1,00000 signatures– required to trigger a parliamentary debate on the matter.

    Thanks for you visit.