• Gold Coast (now Ghana) recruits undergoing bayonet drilling exercise [Image by Imperial War Museums]

    Our Plans to Peacefully Protest

    We are holding a peaceful demonstration in support of the West Africa Apology campaign on Sunday, August 12th , 2018, from 1500-1800hrs at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street , London, SW1A 2NS.


    The goal of the peaceful protest is to highlight the injustices meted out to tens of thousands of young West African men who were either forcefully conscripted or tricked into the colonial army to fight during World War Two.

    Despite their immense contribution, the vital role that West Africans played during World War II has never been officially recognised by Her Majesty’s Government. When Allied Commander, General William Slim, thanked the Fourteenth Army at the end of the Burma Campaign in 1945, he purposefully omitted those West African troops.

    If you happen to reside in the Greater London area and your time will permit, please come out in numbers to support this noble cause. A well-attended protest will, no doubt, help to exert pressure on the British government to rectify the historical injustices .

    We count on your support for a successful campaign.